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EvoDerma Inc. is a beauty provider that specializes in leading-edge IPL hair removal, skincare, and well-being technology. We have successfully created the latest in high quality aesthetic devices with style and comfort in mind. To be used from your home, our professional-grade products are known throughout the industry for their reliable reputation as well as their iconic design.

With over 10 years of experience, our dynamic Research and Development team is continuously working to offer the most technologically advanced beauty and well-being accessories. All of our products are designed from the ground up to be both portable and user-friendly. Each evoDerma device is suitable for men and women alike.

EvoDerma’s flagship device, the ELITE Advanced Multi-Pulse AMP Hair Removal device, is a prime example of our commitment to quality, safety and efficiency. ELITE incorporates the latest breakthroughs in Intense Pulse Light IPL technology in order to offer progressively permanent hair removal. The treatment performed by ELITE is comparable to those used in professional spas and salons.

LUMI+, one of our classic IPL hair-removal models, is carefully designed to eliminate the need for replacement lamps. With 50,000 flashes built into this hand-held device, you can achieve effortlessly smooth and silky skin.

NOOME Anti-Aging Motion is a safe and non-invasive device used to prevent and repair signs of aging in both men and women of all ages. Using NIST technology, NOOME’s two treatment cups work together to massage and stimulate the facial muscles for a smoother and brighter complexion.

Perfect for office workers, travellers and comfort enthusiasts alike, PRONECK is among the most high-tech in luxury relaxation tools. Wireless and re-chargeable, the PRONECK Massager is a safe and soothing massage system designed to eliminate stress and pain. Heat massage, vibration, low frequency electric impulses and range of intensity are selected from a sleek and stylish pocket-size remote control. Its sophisticated technology permits you to personalize your treatment by allowing you to choose six computerized programs.

EvoDerma. Your Skin. Brilliant.


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