Is LUMI+ right for me?

LUMI+ is a simple and efficient solution that targets unwanted body hair for many satisfied users, but not all skin and hair types are compatible with IPL technology. EvoDerma puts safety first therefore, it is important to analyze your skin and hair type before purchasing LUMI+. Consult our Skin Tone chart below to find out if LUMI+ is right for you. For more information, refer to our FAQ section or our blog on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale to help classify different skin types.

A. Select your skin tone

Always burns, never tans
Usually burns, tans with difficulty
Light Brown
Sometimes mild burns, gradually tans
Medium Brown
Rarely sunburns, fast tanning
Dark Brown
Rarely sunburns, fast & easy tanning
Rarely to never sunburns, very fast & dark tanning

B. Select your hair color

White / Grey
Light Blond
Dark Blond
Dark Brown
Your Result:
EvoDerma LUMI+ is right for you
EvoDerma LUMI+ is not suitable for your hair and skin combination

*Analysis results are for informational purposes only and do not replace the advice of a trained aesthetician or dermatologist. When in doubt, contact a dermatologist or the evoDerma Customer Care Department for assistance.

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