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Below you'll find a list of the most common questions we’ve come across at EvoDerma. If you have any further inquiries, please contact our Customer Care Department.

With LUMI+, you do not need to purchase replacement lamp cartridges. LUMI+ comes pre-loaded with over 50,000 constant light pulses. At the end of the lamp’s lifetime, LUMI+ will simply cease to emit light pulses.

LUMI+ uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. IPL has been tested by dermatologists and scientists and has been proven as a safe and effective method for removing unwanted hair. Please refer to our How It Works section to learn more about IPL technology.

LUMI+ is a powerful device that provides permanent hair reduction on most skin and hair types. However, you should not use LUMI+ if you have a naturally dark skin tone or when tanned. This is because darker skin tones absorb too much light during treatment, which may lead to adverse side effects or may cause serious skin injuries. LUMI+ works best on people who have a combination of light skin and dark hair therefore white, grey, red or blond hair are unlikely to respond to treatment. See our Is It For Me? section in order to determine if LUMI+ is right for you.

LUMI+ is designed for both men and women. However, men tend to have thicker hair, which may require more hair removal sessions than women to achieve the desired results.

LUMI+ works best on darker hair because it contains more melanin (a pigment in hair and skin that absorbs light energy). White, grey or blond hair does not respond to the treatments as effectively. Consult the LUMI+ Skin Tone Chart to see if your skin and hair are compatible.

LUMI+ will not work on naturally dark skin. Treating dark skin with LUMI+ can result in adverse effects such as burns, blisters and skin color changes due to the high levels of melanin, the pigment that absorbs light energy. Please consult the LUMI+ Skin Tone Chart to find out if your hair and skin tones are compatible.

LUMI+ has been tested and approved according to the highest safety standards for a home-use device. Light hair removal treatment with IPL is a gentle, non-invasive and safe procedure. When used as directed in the User Manual, LUMI+ is an efficient method for the removal of unwanted hair.

We do not recommend that you use LUMI+ if you are pregnant or nursing. It is suggested that you consult the medical warnings in the User Manual.

Unlike waxing, laser or electrolysis where your hair is pulled out or electrocuted, LUMI+ uses wide spectrum light-energy to target the hair follicle, causing the hair to fall out naturally. When LUMI+ is used properly, you will feel a mild sensation of warmth and tingling after each light pulse. For your convenience, you have access to all the LUMI+ light pulse intensity levels immediately, which you can adjust in accordance with your skin sensitivity.

Side effects are extremely rare if LUMI+ is used according to the instructions provided in the User Manual. Certain clinical studies have reported some redness around the hair shaft and slight swelling. These side effects usually subside within an hour after treatment. If you feel any discomfort or dryness due to a treatment with LUMI+, we recommend you apply an after sun treatment or a soothing moisturizing lotion.

Before a LUMI+ treatment session, the area to be treated should be cleaned with mild soap and water, free of any deodorant, makeup or creams, and the hair shaved down to the surface of the skin. It is also important to avoid sun exposure on any areas you wish to treat at least four weeks prior to the treatment. Before beginning a LUMI+ session, we suggest that you do a test on the desired area of treatment 24 hours beforehand. It is also best to start your treatments at the lowest intensity level and that you increase the level by no more than one intensity level per treatment.

The light pulse emitted by LUMI+ resembles that of a camera flash. Eye sensitivity to light can vary from person to person; EvoDerma recommends that you wear the included IPL Protective Eyewear every time you use the device. The Contact Indicator light provides an extra safeguard to ensure that LUMI+ will only flash when it is in full contact with your skin to avoid accidental flashes.

Do not use LUMI+ on tanned skin or after being exposed to the sun. Tanned skin, particularly following sun exposure, contains large quantities of the pigment called melanin. This applies to all skin types and complexions, including those that don’t seem to tan quickly. The presence of large quantities of melanin exposes the skin to higher risk of adverse effects when using LUMI+ such as burns, blisters, and skin color changes. It is suggested to avoid sun exposure about four weeks before beginning treatment.

There are no reported side effects or damage due to long-term use of Intense Pulsed Light devices. The evidence is well documented and is based on over 15 years of use in aesthetic medicine.

The amount of time required for each session varies depending on the area of the body being treated. For most users, treating the lower leg area can take 20-25 minutes (plus charging time) while treating both underarms takes around 8 minutes. However, treatments depend on the battery life. Always verify that your LUMI+ is fully charged before each treatment. Charging takes about 2 hours and is indicated by a solid (not flashing) blue Power Indicator light when plugged in. Make sure your LUMI+ is unplugged before turning it on.

A fully charged LUMI+ will last for 250-270 light pulses. If you plan to treat areas that require more light pulses in one session, you will need to pause to re-charge LUMI+ before continuing your treatment.

LUMI+ works best to banish unwanted hairs in the following areas:

- Legs
- Underarms and arms
- Back and shoulders
- Chest
- Bikini line
- Feet .

It is not recommended to use LUMI+ on the face, head or anywhere above the neckline.

Schedule your LUMI+ treatments every 2 weeks for the first 4-5 sessions. After the fourth session, treatments should be done every 4 weeks. If hair still grows back after these sessions, you can proceed with treatments until the desired results are achieved. The total amount of treatments you will require depends on your skin tone and hair color as well as your hair’s growth cycle.

In general, you will see noticeable results after 3-4 sessions with LUMI+. In the beginning, it might look like hair is still growing back after a treatment session. Due to different stages of hair growth, not all hair will be affected at the same time when using LUMI+. This is why multiple sessions are required for optimal results.

After treating your skin with LUMI+, the hair will take about 2 weeks to naturally be ejected from the body. During these 2 weeks, the hair will appear to be growing, but, in actuality, the hair is going through the process of being ejected or pushed out of the body. After the first few treatments, hair that does grow back will be finer and lighter. We do not recommend pulling the hair out at this stage; you should let it fall out naturally. It is also possible that some hairs were missed or were not in the appropriate stage of growth when treated. These hairs will be treated in the following sessions, which is why multiple treatments are necessary. Continue the pre-treatment steps and stick with your treatment schedule to achieve the best long-term results.

The results achieved by using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology are progressively permanent. If the device has targeted a hair follicle while in its growth stage (Anagen), the hair will not grow back. Please refer to the How It Works section for more information about IPL technology and the hair growth cycle.

The skin retains its normal appearance during treatment with LUMI+ for almost all users. A small number of users might see some redness or swelling, which usually subsides an hour after treatment.

To maximize hair removal results when using LUMI+, it is best to maintain a 2 week interval between treatment sessions as well as hydrating the skin after each treatment. All the necessary steps are outlined in the User Manual. If you have begun using LUMI+ and your skin is responding well to the treatments, you can increase the intensity level for subsequent treatments. We recommend you increase the intensity no more than one level at a time in order to properly evaluate how your skin will react. If you begin experiencing discomfort during treatments, reduce the intensity level. We do not suggest using LUMI+ on the same part of your body more often than recommended (twice a week); it will not lead to faster or better results.

LUMI+ comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and manufacturing.

We don’t recommend using LUMI+ on areas with many freckles, moles or other skin irregularities, since these darker spots may absorb LUMI+’s light instead of the hairs. If you only have a couple of freckles, you can cover them with a flesh-coloured bandage and use LUMI+ as directed.

Any areas treated by LUMI+ should be gently cleaned and then hydrated with a gentle moisturizing lotion. Avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after treatment. Cover the treated area(s) with clothing and/or strong sunscreen (SPF 50 or higher) as extra protection.

No. You can continue to shave as normal when using LUMI+ as shaving leaves hair still attached to the root therefore enabling the light energy emitted to travel down the hair follicle. The desired treatment area(s) must be shaved prior to each session, but other hair removal methods do not work with IPL technology. Waxing and epilators (as well as other techniques) detach the hair from the root, which is normally disabled by IPL’s light energy. If the root is not properly disabled, hair reduction will not last.

Based on North American averages, the cost of professional treatments for your entire body ranges between $6,000 and $12,000 for a complete series of sessions. The price of LUMI+ is under $700.

Any further questions? Please refer to the User Manual or contact our Customer Care Department.
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