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The heat massage offers three levels of far infrared heating with a low of 40° C (104° F) and a maximum of 48° C (118° F) to choose from. The warmth alleviates muscle tensions and provides relief from the stiffness. Additionally, it eases psychological stress, which can also result in muscle pains, and promotes relaxation. The heat penetrates the muscles and increases blood circulation and the flow of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area(s) of discomfort. This process helps reduce tension in the muscles, which is beneficial for the neck directly and the shoulders too and sleepless nights.

We tend to unconsciously respond to muscle tension by rubbing or massaging the area(s). With 3 intensity levels and 6 types of computerized massage programs, the invigorating vibrations, especially when paired with heating, are absorbed into the skin and deep tissues to inhibit the transmission of discomfort signals to the central nervous system. Simulating a therapeutic massage technique also known as Shiatsu in massage clinics, this vibration mode involves pressure, kneading, tapping, rolling and vibrations on trigger points to encourage relaxation. This aims to relieve tension and pressure that might be causing discomfort throughout the neck. The relaxation from the vibrations loosens tight muscles and stimulates blood circulation, which eases fatigue, stress and stiffness because the muscles are relaxed and the vertebrae are not being overloaded. This also encourages sleep.

With 16 intensity levels and 6 types of impulses, the low frequency electric impulse massage simulates the acupuncture method. This technique provides a deep tissue massage that helps increase blood circulation and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells. The intense jolts of this technique, depending on the selected level, trigger the pressure points and penetrate the neck muscles causing them to contract (twitch) then to relax as you unwind. The low frequency electric impulse is beneficial for gaining relief from muscular and stress tensions caused mostly by physical strain and works to improve cervical mobility.

The low frequency electric impulse mode offers a deeper tissue rub inspired by the acupuncture method. It is a well-known technique that has been practiced by professionals for years. The electric impulse work efficiently to increase blood circulation and relax tense muscles and is a safe form of treatment. However, it could be startling at first. We suggest that you begin using this mode at the lowest level and gradually increase depending on your level of comfort and sensitivity. After 2 or 3 sessions, you will start to get used to the tingling sensations. This mode may not be suitable for everyone so please note that the electric impulse is included in modes 1, 3 and 6 and can be avoided if necessary.

As this device incorporates low frequency electric impulses and magnetic elements, do not use this device if you are pregnant, you have a pacemaker, you are diabetic or have any health concerns. If uncertain, consult a doctor before use.


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