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Everyday life and work demands can take a toll on our body over time. We tend to carry the emotional and physical stressors that we undergo around the neck and shoulders and create strain in those muscles. The PRONECK Massager is a safe and high tech massage system designed to bring you comfort and relaxation. This advanced system incorporates three massage techniques applied in professional spas and includes many advantages:



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Vivez les bienfaits de PRONECK

Avoid trips to the chiropractor or expenses at the spas. Instead, invest in a professional self-massage device for everyday use. With PRONECK, you can reap all of its benefits right from home, the office or while traveling. With a choice between a light massage and a deep intense tissue rub, this device works towards:

In addition, built in magnets work in conjunction with the massages to target the neck’s acupoints, which then induce relaxation.


Effects of these stressors:

These stressors tighten the overworked muscles around the cervical spine and interfere with the balance of the bone structures in the neck. This imbalance creates pressure that triggers inflammation and reduced mobility throughout the neck and shoulders. Stressors also affect the nerves that transmit signals from the brain to the rest of the body. As a result, discomfort can also be felt around the shoulders and along the back.

Comment PRONECK soulage
With regular use, this safe, non-invasive approach encourages the body to regulate itself. The evoDerma PRONECK Massager relaxation effect focuses on the underlying issues. Its advanced mechanisms will work towards loosening tight muscles, improving blood circulation and reducing trigger points (i.e. knots and spasms). Massages in general are beneficial treatments for muscle and joint relaxation for improved flexibility and motion as well as making the muscles more resistant to injury.

When we deprive ourselves of sleep and proper rest, the immune system weakens and it is more difficult for the body to regulate itself. A soothing massage, as those provided by PRONECK, helps to relieve stress and uneasiness. The state of relaxation relieves muscle tension as well as improves the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients that help with the release of toxins. These end results contribute to reducing insomnia and encouraging restful sleep instead. In addition, sleep is an important factor for the immune system to work at its best.

Personalize your treatments to take advantage of each technique and enhance your massage experience with every use in order to improve your quality of life and wellbeing. The flexible wings of the lightweight PRONECK Massager adjust to every neck size and rest comfortably and securely around the nape of the neck so that you can truly sit back and relax.

Blue was carefully chosen as the color to appear on the massager and the remote control due to its well-known calming effects. Blue is soothing and encourages physical and mental relaxation. With the PRONECK Massager, tranquility begins the moment you turn it on.

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